In search of the next old school share à la GameStop, the Reddit army is also pulling past Dogecoin. But what’s next?

A thriller has been going on in the international stock market for days, which is a novelty in the history of the free market economy

Users of the Reddit sub-forum r / wallstreetbetshad found that institutional investors were betting enormous sums of money against the price of the ailing company Gamestop. However, these so-called short positions only work if the price actually falls. In order to cheat the hedge funds – and get very rich at the same time – the amateur investors came up with a plan. If they all started the course together, it would go up. That would mean that institutional investors would have to give up their short positions and invest in the stock as well. That in turn would increase the price even further. The plan worked, for example it pushed the hedge fund Melvin Capital to the brink of ruin and made some Reddit users very rich very quickly. BTC-ECHO also reported .

Spurred on by their new-found power to influence the stock market collectively, Profit Secret users were looking for their next destination and quickly came across Dogecoin. The result: The crypto currency is currently in an unprecedented high soaring, has already gained around 400 percent compared to the previous day (as of 09:06). Some Reddit users are now convinced that the course will cross the magical line of a US dollar.

The enormously high prices in turn call for shorters who want to take advantage of the preprogrammed fall in stocks. Pre-programmed, however, only in the previous logic of the stock market, which the Reddit users of r / wallstreetbets are currently turning upside down.

Reddit: These are the next goals

And what is the next goal of internet investors? Other ailing companies such as Blackberry and Nokia have already moved into the center of attention on the part of Reddit, some of them being able to record three-digit price increases within a few days. Now more so-called old-school stocks follow. This includes that of the American cinema chain AMC, which has been pointing south for years and has now briefly quadrupled its course. Another stock is that of American Airlines. It also rose by almost half in the course of the GameStop rally.

One share stands out, however, resembles the GameStop share far more than the above (with the exception of Dogecoin): that of the already bankrupt DVD rental service Blockbuster. Because their last remnants can under the abbreviation BLIAQ (BB Liquidating Inc.), were able to gain more than 700 percent in just one day. In one week it was as much as 6,000 percent: from $ 0.0033 on January 22nd to $ 0.20 on January 26th. So far, that was the share’s high. But if the past week has shown one thing, it could only be the beginning of a price explosion. Should that be the case, there is a good chance that FTX will also get on board – and the remains of a bankrupt video rental service can soon be traded on the crypto exchange.

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